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Built a perfect blockchain & crypto communal community.


Close Knit Networks

Replace vast seas of anonymous contacts with tight-knit networks of acquaintance, colleagues, and friends.


Location Based

Find people around, even while traveling, and only receive notifications that are relevant when you are local.


Hire & Get Hired

Search your community for skills you need and let your Blockchain profile be your resume and your introduction to potential clients and employers.


Your Personal & Community Feed

Keep in touch with what's going on with your community and in your network of contacts whether you are at work, home or on the road.


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#Wired #Connected #Limits

There's connected and there's Super Connected

Nothing should get in the way of your business’ ability to thrive.

Wired Differently

We’re wired differently to provide much more than just a business headquarters for our customers. An inspiring and connected Workspace can bring the best out of your employees everyday, and give your business the energy it needs to thrive.

We also know that digital demanding businesses require secure and reliable connectivity, which is why we continue to invest in providing an award winning superfast, flexible and reliable infrastructure to future proof your business needs.

Super Connected.

Ambitious businesses make us their home – you’ll feel this optimistic buzz as soon as you open the door. With specially designed communal and breakout areas, our customers are given the space to inspire each other and network to create a community with their neighbours.

Superfast tech means everyone stays connected to their business wherever they are in our buildings or across our other Global properties giving your company the edge to work the way you want.

No Limits

We believe businesses should be given every opportunity to reach their potential. So we don’t put limits on the type or flexibility of the space you need – whether you’re looking for one desk or an office for 100 people, we’ve got a space that works hard for you.

We don’t just help with choosing where to work, we also improve how you work by continual investment in award-winning connectivity to support your future goals.


Let's do this.

Only Place where you get Sh!T done.

Orchardblock is our fast-growing network of creative co-working space. By joining our network, you get to work alongside like-minded business people in an atmosphere designed for ideas to grow into long term successful business models.

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Our clients say

High-performance connectivity goes towards creating the best quality – this is what our customers want. Skype is clear here. This is important as we’re living and working in a fast-paced world.

— Stacey Pickering

Product Manager

You can see the effect of having many different companies working together and meeting in a central space. They pick up on each other’s energies and see each other climbing the ladder. It’s inspirational.

— Marcin Ciesla

It’s got a really nice feel to it. We make full use of the communal areas and the café. We take people for meetings there. It’s so nice to have that as well as our office space.

— Carly Tohmas

Product Manager

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